Coughing in Singapore


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News and interviews with our specialist, Dr Jim Teo.

June 2018
Coughing in Singapore

Contagious cough in Singapore. Read more

May 2018
Working hard to keep asthma attacks at bay

 Working hard to keep asthma attacks at bay. Read more

April 2018
Dr Jim Teo on risk to St John’s Island

Dr. Jim Teo comments on the discovery of asbestos at St John’s Island. Read more

January 2018
Tv appearance on Body SOS S6 Ep 32, 33, 34

Dr. John on Body SOS discussing about respiratory issues. Episode 32 Episode 33 Episode 34

June 2017
TV appearance to talk on Resuscitation training to manage patients with highly infectious respiratory diseases

Channel 8 Morning Express appearance by Dr Alvin Ng on resuscitation training to manage rapidly deteriorating patients with highly infectious respiratory diseases. […]

June 2017

Dr Jim gives advice on high altitude sickness. Channel 8 news interview

April 2017
Story on increasing complexity of icu cases as well as engaging families as part of the management of icu patients

Dr Alvin Ng, the SGANZICS Intensive Care Forum Organising Chairman, comments on increasing complexity of ICU cases as well as providing support […]

November 2016
COPD Screening Event 2016

In conjunction with World COPD Day in November, The Respiratory Practice is offering free lung function screening to the public. Give your […]

September 2016
Health authorities refute 100,000 haze death estimate by US-led study

Dr Jim Teo suggested that the study can be valid for vulnerable patients. By The Straits Times on 20 September 2016