Chronic Cough


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Chronic Cough

Do you have a cough that is persistent and irritating?


Coughing is a natural reflex to clear the irritants for the airways and the lungs. However, if a cough lasts for more than 6 weeks, you are suffering from a chronic cough.

It can affect your sleep, interfere with your work and social life. You may be anxious and worried too, as it may be a clinical presentation of an underlying serious lung condition. Occasionally you may have chest pain, back pain, headache and tiredness as a result of the chronic persistent disturbing cough.

It is a common symptom and there are various causes of chronic cough. Some of the causes can be serious and life-threatening and therefore, it is important to see a specialist for further evaluation. Our clinic provides one stop assessment of chronic cough where all necessary tests including blood tests, imaging like chest X-Ray and CT thorax, nitric oxide assessment, upper airway evaluation, lung function testing can be done within a few hours on the same visit.