Sleep Study (polysomnography)


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Sleep Study (polysomnography)


What is a sleep study?


It is a multiple-component test that electronically transmits and records specific physical activities while an individual sleeps. The recordings become data that are analyzed by a qualified physician to determine whether or not a sleep disorder is present, including OSA. OSA is diagnosed when there are more than 5 episodes of apnea lasting at least 10 seconds in one minute during the entire sleep period.

The equipments used in a sleep test include:

  • Surface electrodes on the face and scalp that will send recorded electrical signals from the brain, eyes and muscles to the measuring equipment
  • Belts placed around the chest and abdomen to measure breathing frequency
  • ECG (electrocardiogram) to record heart rate and rhythm
  • Sensor at the nostrils to record airflow
  • Bandage-like probe on the finger to measure the amount of oxygen in the body
  • Microphone to record snoring activity

The sleep study is done overnight and it can be done in hospital or home setting. Some patients prefer the test to be done in the home setting because they can sleep better in a familiar environment while the sleep study is being performed. Our qualified sleep technicians will be involved in setting up the equipments for both the hospital and home based sleep studies.

The respiratory physician upon completion of the sleep study will prepare a detailed report. It provides useful diagnostic information about sleep related breathing disorders, movement disorders in sleep and other less common conditions like seizures in sleep and other abnormal behaviours during sleep.